Freehand Graphics Conversion

I have some old Freehand 3.0 graphics files that I am wanting to convert to any currently usable format. While I have the old Freehand program, I do not have a machine old enough to run it. Nothing I can find can convert a file that old.

Can anyone help in converting these files? They are of a map designed for a game on Salerno back in the 1990’s and we are finally getting around to finishing the project. We will do the playtest on Vassal.

Please email you you can help or have suggestions.

LibreOffice used to be able to open FH files. I have never tried to open any FH3, but some people I worked with were able to open FH9 files with LibreOffice Draw. It is free and easy to install, but I can’t promise it will work.

Thanks for the response.