From Deck to Discard Pile

Hi everyone, I just started my first Module a couple days ago and have basically been able to get through by referencing other module’s on how to do things. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to draw a card and have it sent straight to a shown discard pile. I referenced monopolies Module which snaps to a discard pile and tells the players what the card is and who drew it in the chat window. I’ve tried copying the same stuff but I’m missing something somewhere.

Basically I have a pile of coins that I’ve made into a card stack, when you take one of these coins nothing in the game registers that the coin was taken from the pile. I do have it so I can right click and ‘pay’ with the coin and it sends it back to the coin pile, which the game registers and tells everyone in chat. But even just putting the coin back in the main stack doesn’t register.

The whole game is done and playable, but this one piece is REALLY bothering me. Thanks

Not sure if this is one question or two different questions.

If you want to draw a card and send it straight to some discard pile you can use a return-to-deck or a send-to-location trait, for deck type or stack type discard piles, respectively. Have then a report-action trait to fire at the same time.

If you want some report to show up when people drag pieces somewhere (like a discard pile) then you should look at the commands applied to pieces when they start/end movement on the given map (these are found in the map level properties).