from 'send to location' over 'send to deck' to....


I have 3 different gamepieces in 2 different colours (1 for each player).
First I had 3 different decks (1 for each gamepiece), with ‘send to location’ for each piece to 2 player windows. But if I want to rearange gamepieces inside the player window for aesthetic reasons, all the ‘send to location’ info has to be changed, so I created 3 different decks in each player window and 6 different decks for my 6 gamepieces. ‘Send entire deck to another deck’ makes everything work and rearanging the player window layout is easy.

Now I want to add a dozen gamepieces more, for a dozen different players :slight_smile:

Is there a more elegant/easy way to make this work than all those unique decks? So far I made one standard player window, 12 copies with ‘belongs to side’ filled in for each player/colour. 12 game piece prototype definitions (1 for each colour/player) so I can give each gamepiece a prototype and then I’m stuck.

Got myself a solution.

Made a standard map with all the different decks and put regions over those decks with the same name as the gamepiece/deck. So adding a new player is just a matter of copying this standard map and renaming the board name accordingly.

Give every gamepiece 2 marker traits: one to indicate the owner (same as board name) and one for the type of gamepiece (same as the deck/region)

And then you can use the marker traits to fill in the ‘send to location’ destionation with the $ signs: map becomes $owner$ and Region becomes $gamepiecetype$

Elegantly enough for me

adding $playerSide$ usualy works for me and use the name of that side in the name of what ever you need (or at least part of the board/map if every player has its own private area). when creating your send to location/deck use $playerSide$ where you would find the name of that player in your target.
to send something in "Player 1 Discard Pile"you use “$playerSide$ Discard Pile” as send to deck target. Don’t know if it works for return to deck property but it works for send to location property for sure.