G P Inventory sorting - numeric in descending order?

In my module, turn action order is decided by player resource point totals, most to least. Because resource totals are kept on individual charts and it’d be a pain to flip through em all just to determine order, I decided to use a Game Piece inventory to list the relevant pieces and sort them numerically.

Everything works beautifully, EXCEPT, the list is sorted in ascending order, 0 → 100.

Because the player with the most resource points goes first, it would be logical to sort it in descending order. There doesn’t seem to be an option to enable this in the Game Piece Inventory property panel.

I know this is a cosmetic issue, but I want this module to be really polished…

Thank you.

I second the request as it would be useful in Melee/Wizard. (Thanks for an idea on how to sort players according to resource).