Game Music!!

I would like to add background music to my Module I am working on. Music adds a completely new dimension to visual and gaming, so I would be THRILLED if there was a way to go about this.

Is there any way I can import a clean cut, looped piece of game music I created? I would like players to be able to toggle this on and off…

I feel like this can be done without too much trouble !

(If anyone needs free game music, I work a few jobs in the music field (nothing big, but I enjoy it. One being a game music writer) and would be HAPPY to compose something for a friend !)

SO, is there any advice on how to go about this?

the way I handle music is to create a game piece with a “Play Sound” trait

Does that actually work? For some reason, my sounds seem to get cut off a second after playing, so I am doubting that an entire track would be able to play. Could you walk me through your process, or link me to a module with some sort of background ambiance or music. Thank you

Nevermind, I was actually able to figure it out! Very happy :slight_smile:

So now, here is the question. Is there any property I can give this game piece, in order to make it automatically start up after initialization? Is there any way for me to stop sounds or mute them if players want to?


If your WAV files are not playing, it is because they are rendered in 24 bit PCM. You need to download a program such as REAPER and render the WAV or MP3 to a 16 bit PCM file. You CAN use stereo rendering, and I would suggest it over Mono.

glad you had some success and thanks for the tip - I haven’t had any luck stopping or muting the sounds. I’ve tried deleting the piece as well as triggering another piece to play silence but neither worked, if you find something please let me know.

Another feature i’d like to have is varied or “randomized” sound effects on moved pieces to stop them feeling so flat - reading this thread ([url]]) it seems totally possible but i’m still too new to fully understand how to implement this. The basics of triggering sounds is explained fairly well at page 56 here

No problem, man. I am completely brand new to this as well, so it is good to have someone to try and learn with. While obviously there are a few genius’s ie. “Brent Easton” , “Uckelman” , a lot of this is really just learning on your own. I am still somewhat clueless when it comes to global properties, multi action buttons, and most of the essential features to Vassal. But, I am learning as fast as I can.

If you are ever interested in working out some stuff together, I definitely would enjoy speaking with you about this music issue/other game sound possibilities; as well as to try and pick up some of the more basic functions… Right now I am working on a massive renovation of Munchkin. I could always use some feedback, or help implementing features if you would be interested (assuming you know/like the game Munchkin")

Drop me a line.