Game piece inventory

I’m creating a ACW module with a game piece inventory for USA pieces and CSA pieces. I can get it to show both USA and CSA pieces together but I would like it to separate them but I’m not sure how to do that. Thanks for any help in advance.

Create 2 Game Piece Inventory Windows
Show only pieces matching thes properties: {type==“USA” && map=“whatever”}
If you want to only show the number of pieces a user has (for how many cards in hand, for example):

  • set a Label for folders:$CurrentMap$ : $sum_Cardcount$ card(s)
  • uncheck all the options (especially Draw piece images)

Thanks for the reply. I’m kinda new at this so does it have to be type or can I select player side. Not sure what these mean

Well, type is one of the traits I created in my module, just like map which is a GP for my maps. You can use any property. It was just an example.
So it can of course depend on the user.

Yep got it thanks for the help works great