Game Piece Layer Trouble

I am setting up Game Piece Layers as follows:

Game Piece Layers: Naval, Ground, Air

I have set the marker traits on the appropriate pieces and they do stack in the correct order in their respective layers. I am surprised by how this is working though.

If I place 3 x naval, 3 x ground, and 3 x air units in a hex, I can only see the three air units. Nothing indicates there is nine units in the hex. I thought that they would be placed on their respective layers, but would still be visible (i.e. look like a nine unit stack.) As it is, there is also no way to select any of the naval or ground units. I can either select the entire stack by dragging the cursor around the stack, or double click which selects only the three air units. There is no way to select a piece below the top piece. It’s all or nothing.

I did not want to have to deactivate or rotate two out of three layers every single time I want to select and manipulate pieces not in the top layer.

Worse, the player also needs to be able to see that the pieces in layers other than the top are there. As you look at the map now, you can’t tell there are any pieces below the top one. I can’t believe the player is supposed to remember which hexes have pieces under the top unit. In other words, using Game Piece Layers appears to completely disable all visual indications of stacking.

Am I doing something wrong?


Those pieces need to be in the same layer. Pieces from different layers will not stack together.

I am not sure what is the point of multiple layers, if you cannot place pieces in the same location but in different layers.

Any idea how I could have pieces in the same layer, so the player can see that they are all present, but force them to stack in the order I need?

In my example, 3 x naval, 3 x ground, and 3 x air units would all be stacked together, but Vassal would force naval on the bottom, ground in the middle, and air on top.



Imagine you have units and terrain tiles. You would want the terrain tiles to always be below the units, not stack with them, so you use layers. I am not aware of any method to always stack pieces in a certain order, unless perhaps you create some complicated traits that trigger keystroke left/right arrow to rearrange the stack.

Thanks for the info and your help.