Game Piece Layers and Dynamic Properties

I’m having difficulty getting it so that different terrain pieces, tokens, and markers appear on different layers when added to the game board.

I have a Game Piece Layers trait that has the Layer name and contains Terrain 1-9, Tokens, and Markers

I have tokens I’ve added the Marker - Layer = Tokens trait to.

I also have terrain pieces I’ve added the Dynamic Property - Layer trait to so that the layer of the terrain can be adjusted.

None of it works. I’m missing something because the module acts as if the layers don’t even exist. Neither the Markers or the Dynamic Properties do anything. Is there a guide or something for doing this? I mean it must be pretty common.

Well, I’m glad I found a problem that seems to have stumped everyone. 48 views and not a single reply, which i guess means no one here knows how to solve this problem.

Is there a way to post your work-in-progress module somewhere so I can take a look? There are a number of possible explanations so I can’t hazard a guess until I see what has been done.