Game Piece Layouts

I’m working with Game Piece Layouts and have a few questions (these will also help clarify some bits in the upcoming Designer’s Guide).

-The reference manual says it’s possible to add new symbols, but there doesn’t seem to be an entry point for that. (Later on, the manual says the only available symbols are NATO ones.) The NATO symbols are nice, but I’d like to use symbols more appropriate for ancient world or fantasy armies. How/where are new symbols added, if possible?

-Also, about fonts for labels: The drop-down allows me to pick any font off my system to use. But if I specify a font that’s not on a user’s system, how is the label displayed?

On Jul 31, 2009, at 12:30 AM, mycenae wrote:

The font is used to render a bit-mapped image when you create the
actual pieces. So the font only needs to be on the system where the
game-piece layout is compiled. So there isn’t a problem with users
PLAYING the module, although they may not be able to EDIT the module
without having that font.

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The manual should not say it is possible to add symbols. It is not possible except by via complex and difficult Java programming. So really it is a ‘Developer only’ option. A general user can only ‘add’ symbols by building them manually as transparent images and then loading them into the layout as an image.

Thomas answered this one. Game Piece Images are generated as a PNG image on the module editors system so that all users of the module will see the same result.


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