Game Piece Palette/Scrollable List Dividers

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The game piece palette in my module is organized as follows: You first select which Set you want to draw pieces from via drop-down menu. Each Set has three categories of pieces; each category is accessed through a scrollable list, and once selected each category offers another scrollable list to access specific pieces. This results in a game piece palette with a drop-down menu across the top, and two scrollable lists along the right.

The problem is that neither of the scrollable lists is really viewable without resizing both list dividers, and you have to resize the dividers for each category in each set. Currently, that means you have to resize about twelve times in order to conveniently view the game piece palette. Is there any way to hard-code the re-spacing of the dividers into the module?

You can find the module here.

If you adjust the dividers while editing the module, the divider locations will be saved as defaults when you save the module.


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I thought that too, because in theory it should, but it does not. Is there some trick to getting it to stick?

I’ll take a look to be sure this feature is still working.


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I am very interested in getting more information on this subject.

I have NOT been able to produce the results that rk mentioned in his reply.

I tediously adjusted each divider between a tabbed menu, saved the module, then reloaded the module. The dividers did not ramain in the saved position.

I then edited the dividers again, saved the module to a new file, and then compared the build files between the two modules. THey were exactly the same.

I checked, and turns out that drop-down lists save their size, but scroll lists do not. I made the change so that things will work in the next version.


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