Game piece pallette issue

Hello i precise i modifiy a module existing

But curiously look attachements 1/ Editor 2 / The game
You can see don’t appear tabs only the markers nothing other curious.

If a person can help me please.

VASSAL pbm 1

VASSAL pbm 2

Try adding:

• Tabbed Panel
.• scrollable list (inside)

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Thank you and a little progress appear now tabs markers but nothing for the rest or something wrong in the window by ex for 32th Army ?


I don’t see anything obviously wrong with your palette, so I recommend you make a copy of the module and try simplifying it by deleting bits and see if it starts working. Delete some of the [Scrollable Lists], for example, and then try deleting various [Tabbed Panels]. If I had to guess, I’d say there’s something wrong in one of those lists that’s preventing the whole palette from populating correctly, but that’s just a guess.

Edit: On closer examination of your last screenshot, is that a space between the “1” and the “.0” in the Image Scale field? Is so, that would probably be your problem.

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Send me a private message.

(Send me the module and I’ll try to fix it)

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To jrwatts
Thank you but surely a lilltle problem hidden and as you say " preventing the whole palette from populating correctly " a things like that.
But difficult to you to see well but no error for 1.0.