Get Player Names in Game Piece Inventory

Is there a way to get the current player names in the Game Piece Inventory screen, instead of just Player1, Player2, etc? I tried something but it ended up showing my own name for all of them (and I assume anyone else would see their own name for all of them).


You need to design some sort of check-in functionality at game start.

Do you know of any examples that do that, so I know what to look for?

I did something like this in the new Silent Death module, so players could tell who owned which fighter.

-Assign a Dynamic Property to each piece called Owner.
-Create a command on the DP to set its value to $playerName$. (Set Value Directly). You can leave the command name blank, but make sure you set a keystroke for the command.
-Assign a keystroke to the map (“Key Command to Apply to All Units Ending Movement On This Map”) that matches the keystroke you set for the DP.

Now, any player who drags and drops a piece from the palette to the map will automatically become its Owner, and stay the owner throughout the game. Use Owner in the Game Inventory window.

Thank you, but I am dealing with cards that will constantly change owner, so I don’t think that will work for my purpose. But I will play with the idea and see what happens.

I would like to know how to do this too.