getting a new map from a .jpg to a .vsav

I have looked all over the forum but have been unable to find the answer to my question posted in the subject line. I have added a map to the map window as a new map board. The file I added there is a .jpg. the map shows up in the wizard but tells me that its unable to open the file. If I can’t open the map how can I save it to a .vsav so that I can create persistent maps?

First I would convert the map to a .png. I have found PNGs work much better with Vassal than JPGs.

I’m not sure what you mean here. What wizard?

Again, I’m not sure what you mean. VSAV is an extension normally used for saving games. If your intention is to create different versions of the map, you would want to “screen capture” the map. You should be able to do that by clicking the camera icon and saving the map as a PNG.

yeah… when I posted it was late and I was frustrated. Lets see if I can explain it better. I’m tryin to learn to make modules by building off another module. however… I had to adjust the ruler so that it was accurate when compared to the size of my pieces. This brought up a new problem, it met that my map was no long 4’x4’. So I made another map that was the right size I added it here ->Main map (map window)->Map boards and then my map. I made it match the preferences of other maps that where already there (they are in .jpg). So at this point I think I’m good, I save and close down vassal reopen and my map is there. SWEET! but vassal wont load my map.

So I notice that there is another section where there are maps (New Game pre-defined setup) and in this area there are several folders but the maps saved there, while they have the same name as the maps above, are saved in .vsav format i.e. they are saved games. So now I’m thinking that all I have to do it open my map in Vassal and save the game then I can add it to New Game (pre-defined setup) and I will be good. But I can’t make vassal open my map. I have tried everything, I have read the wiki all the help files I could find and the forums and I seem to be the only dude to stupid to make this work.

I hope that clears things up a little

Yeah, that clear things up. In my experience, JPGs take up a lot more memory than PNGs. I don’t know if this is actually true but I have had this problem in the past with JPGs and I’ve never had this problem with PNGs.

First thing you might try is increasing your memory heap to see if that allows you to open the module. But, ideally, you should convert your JPG map to a PNG map and replace your current map in the module. You should be able to open it then.

If you continue to have problems with it, you can post it here (if it’s not too large) or pass it along to me and I can take a look at it.

Thanks for the help! I’m making progress and I’m now able to open my new map but this is whats happening now… any clues?