Getting an error message for '1914 Offensive a' outrance'

Getting a ‘Defunct Custom Code’ error message when trying to load 1914 Offensvie a outrance.
I’m running the latest Vassal & version of the module. Any suggestions/thoughts?


What version are you using?

I notice the versions are listed upside-down on the module page…this could have caused the confusion. If you have verified that you are using version 4.0 of the module, you could try going back to an earlier version of the Vassal Engine to solve the problem.

I would start with 3.6.19. You can download it here.

No, the most recent version with which this module will open would be 3.5.8 (get it from the release archive).

Starting in 3.6.0 betas, the custom code checker would simply prevent a module like this from running. In 3.5.8 there was a warning, but it will let you proceed to actually use the module nonetheless.

Here’s a thread from earlier this year about this module.