Getting Permission

Rookie here. Got some questions regarding permissions I can’t find the answer to in the forums or the Design Guide.

I know you need to get permission prior to posting a module. However, there is something in there saying if you try to reach out and don’t hear back you can take that as tacit approval. Has anyone done this? Have many games posted through tacit approval been taken down after the creator and/or publisher complained? I’ve reached out 3-4 times on several games and heard nothing back and am considering doing this but it seems like a waste of time if they just immediately ask to have it taken down.

Are there any best practices for reaching out to gain approval? Web forms doesn’t produce a very good response rate (not that I was expecting one…) and I was curious if there are other (read: better) avenues of approaching this.

Is there a list or sticky somewhere of games and or publishers that allow/don’t allow modules to be made? I saw a short list in the Module Section Information … nformation but it is far from comprehensive.

That list is comprehensive and up to date. That is the full list of publishers who have asked that Vassal not host their modules.

There used to be others on the list, but who have since realised that Vassal actually increases their sales as it gets their games being played.

As long as you have made a reasonable attempt to contact the copyright holders, then Vassal is happy to host your module on the basis that it will be taken down asap should the publisher raise an objection.

I would consider an inquiry via a Web Form a ‘reasonable attempt’. The fact that many companies seem to add web inquiry forms to their websites and then never ever reply to any inquiries is not your problem.