GKC: fully resolved or just initiated?

I was wondering… does a global key command fully resolve before moving on to the next command (e.g. in a trigger sequence) or not?

For example: assume a piece has a trigger command firing on CTRL-A and issuing CTRL-B and CTRL_C, in order.

If CTRL-B is a global key command that tells other pieces to execute some complex sequence of triggers and such… is CTRL-C not executed till all those other pieces report having finished their own sequences? Or is it basically firing off immediately without waiting for CTRL-B to fully resolve?

The CTRL-B will fully resolve and CTRL-C will follow.

If you trigger a CTRL-A to multiple pieces on a stack (with 3 pieces for example) the triggering will be like this:
The bottom piece will trigger CTRL-A first, fully resolve CTRL-B and then fully resolve CTRL-C.
Then the middle piece will trigger CTRL-A (and do the same actions as above) followed by the top piece.


That’s great news. I was starting to wonder if some timing issues I had were related to gck not fully resolving before things moved on, but if it is as you say than I am happy to discard that worry. I guess my timing issues are purely bug 4302 related then (global hotkeys not being as nice as gck and jumping the line).