GKC that only affects cards in a deck

Is there a way to have a global key command only affect cards that are in a deck, and not the cards already drawn and placed in a hand ?
I guess i could have it match a specific property.
But if that could be the answer, then when a card is pulled from a deck and placed into a hand, how do i automate creating a new property for that card? Is there a way that once a card is pulled from a deck that it is assigned a new marker or something ?


Cards in a Deck named “X” have the property CurrentDeck set to “X”

Thanks Brent, can you explain a little bit more, i’m sorry i’m not following specifically what you are offering. Thanks man!

Looks like i can ‘Add Deck Global Command’ that only affects cards of the type that i give them, and it works for the cards in the deck, but not the drawn cards which is great. However, it looks like i can only use it via a Right Click on the deck. Is there a way I can utilize that global command hotkey through another trait on a different piece on my map ?
If i use a standard Global Key Command trait, it effects all the cards - on the map and in the deck.
Thanks Brent!

That’s right, so in the ‘Matching properties’ expression for your standard Global Key, you need to include {DeckName==“deckname”} so that the GKC will only affect pieces in deck deckname. (Note DeckName property, not CurrentDeck as I said before).

Perfect! That works great! “DeckName” resolved it. Thanks so much Brent
Man I would die for a full list of internal variable names to use
Cheers mate

Most of them are here:


Or in the in-built doco included in the Module Editor. Just click any Help button and find the Properties page.