Global command for Layers

I have a game where i have several layers that can be placed over the counter’s is there a way to set up a button on the map to “reset” or delete the layers on all the counters that had layers placed on them that game turn?
It would be like a “Clean Up” button but instead of Markers it would clean up the layers on the counters.


Each layer can include a Reset command (you set it in the box just above where you add the image). You need to pick what level the Layer will be reset to.

Then, add a Global Key Command to the toolbar that runs the Reset command.

Great! thank you for the help I will do that now…

ok I tried that the problem is there are about five different layers each with there own command CTRL S CTRL H ect… so do i need to make five different buttons to reset each layer?
For instance i have on layer “SR” when you right click the unit you can place the layer on it, i put a command on the tool bar to reset it ,and it does but then it places “SR” on all the other unit’s.
on that layer i put it at level 1 and reset to 0.
any thoughts? I can send you a link to the mod.

If you need to reset them individually at some point, yes, you will need a separate command for each reset or a way to differentiate one piece from another (PieceName, Marker, etc). If you know you’ll be resetting them all at the same time, than you can use the same command for reset on all of the layers.

Also, if you want to control them individually, you might want to go with a button on the game board for controlling the layers as opposed to a toolbar button. Toolbar buttons can be limited and/or complicated to set up for multiple tasks. You’ll find it much easier to set up a button as an At-Start Stack on the game board as you can place any number of traits in the button to give you full control over the behavior of any number of pieces.

Do you have the SR level set to loop? Are you sending a command to Reset or Increase/Decrease the level? From your explanation, it appears that when you are sending the command out, the levels are looping to the next level. Hence, it turns off those that are on and turns on the ones that are off.

Post the link to the mod, if you like. I may have some time to take a look at it. …or, if you don’t want to post a link publicly, you can send a link to me at

here’s the file … 4v262.vmod
what i have are layers that are different colors for the different nation’s, such as red layers for the Germans,blue for the British.ect the layers all say the same thing for instance when you use your ir units you would right click the unit and scroll to “Ground support” and that would layer over the unit in blue if it is British,red if German and then at the end of the turn you have to go back and right click every unit that has layers and elim them,so if there was one button to click at the end of the turn to reset them would be outstanding,becuase some times it’s hard to find the counters due to stacking and it is also very time consuming,so thank you so much.

If you look at a fresh Layer trait, the first entry for a key command is for Activate, the second for Increase, the third for Decrease, and the fourth for Reset. The problem you were having is that you were using the Activate command to turn it on and off. Problem is, if you use a global command to turn them off, you’ll turn the ones that are off, on.

There’s a link to your mod below with one adjustment that should solve your problem. You’ll just have to make this adjustment to the rest of the areas that need it.

What I did was adjust the Prototype “br-air”. I created a blank 70x70 graphic and I used that as level 1 and then used your graphic as level 2. I set the level to always be active and I moved the Activate command down a line to the Increase command. Now when the command is used, it will increase to level 2, which is the graphic you want. I used the Reset line to reset the layer to level 1 and used the universal command ALT CTRL SHIFT R on all of them. So, now, sending that command to ALL units will reset all their layers back to layer 1, which is the blank graphic. Those units that aren’t using layer 2 will ignore the reset command.

Really a nice looking module, btw.

Thank you I will get started on it.
And thank you for the compliment i have been working on this for a while,the counters took some time to do and I get imputs to add to the mod from other gamers so it’s a woork in progress.