Global Command that Allows Card Selection?

I noticed there is an option for Decks that “Allows Specific Cards to be Drawn”. It seems this option only appears when you right-click on the Deck. Is there any way to associate a keystroke with that option so that it can be triggered by a Global Command? I basically want a player to be able to right-click on a unit and be able to draft a specific card from that deck. Drawing directly from the deck won’t work because there is a currency the unit needs to pay to invoke that action - assigning the right-click to the unit allows for payment and drawing a card in one-click. Unless there is a way to access that option by keystroke, the only other method I can think of is to marker every card in that deck, then enable a right-click command to draw each individual card. Seems very cumbersome and also a lot of work.

You could GKC them all to e.g. a separate Map window (or if this particular deck is used entirely for drafting, then just have them that way in the first place, with a button on your Main Map that brings up the drafting window), and then you can have Traits on each card (or in the generic-prototype-for-all-cards or for-certain-kinds-of-cards) that then lets you e.g. right-click to buy that card if eligible?

The Cards are just for drafting, so the Deck was just a container for the “Allows Specific Cards to be Drawn” feature. It’s kinda pointless to even have a Deck if I can’t access it. The best I could come up with was when the player makes a purchase with a unit, a Global Hotkey brings up a Private Map with the cards already laid out and each with a right-click option to use the purchase credit on that card.