Global Key Command in Private Window to affect Map Window

I’m trying to design a game in which players have ‘orders’ in a Private Window. They mask these orders and place them on the common board in the Map Window. They have a button in their Private Window which executes a global key command and unmasks all their orders at once. Think of revealing orders in Diplomacy or Game of Thrones.

The buttons work when the order tokens to be masked/unmasked are in the player’s Private Window, but not when they are in the Map Window. Is there any way to give a player a private button that affects pieces on a public board?

I must have something fundamentally wrong here. There wouldn’t be much point is designing buttons to control pieces if buttons that are only available to certain players cannot affect that player’s pieces on the game board.

The specific command I am using:

Description: Hide Orders
Key Command: CTRL H
Matching Properties: Owner = Player1
Apply to: all pieces
Hotkey: CTRL H
Suppress Individual Reports: yes

I have also tried…
Matching Properties: CurrentMap = [name of private window map] && Owner = Player1
which works in the private window and has no effect on pieces on the common map
Matching Properties: CurrentMap = [name of map window map] && Owner = Player1
which has no effect on pieces on any map

If there is any way to make a button in the private window affect the map window, or make a button in the map window only usable/visible to one player, that would help.

Thanks for any suggestions

Hi Erik,
Oddly, Toolbar GKCs in 3.1 can only affect counters in the same window - you’re not doing it wrong, it just doesn’t work. Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround - pieces can execute GKCs on other maps, so have your toolbar button delegate the GKC to an invisible piece on the player window. I describe this in more detail in this thread:


Thanks irishwulf, this is just what I need. It’s not exactly elegant, but my googling suggests that I can switch it back to a GKC after 3.2 comes out.

It worked!! You, sir, are awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.