Global Key Command & Layers

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to design a Global Key Command to toggle a layer of specific pieces.
The pieces all share the same property : canBeToggled = true

I have several layers in several prototypes. In all these prototypes, layers are named the same : “Flag”. They contain two named levels : " (White)" and " (Black)", which are suffix.
A given piece only has one instance of a prototype containing a “Flag” layer.

I’m trying to build the matching property of the GKC to Toggle all pieces with white flags with the following : canBeToggled = true && Flag_Name =~ White

It just won’t work. Did I miss something?


Slight precision:

I tried with =~, =, with “(White)”, " (White)", won’t work.
I suppose that the initial space before the level name is problematic.

Julien Cassignol

For the sake of others stumbling on the issue.
The property filter is built by trimming the value (leading and trailing
If you’re trying to match such a value, then it simply won’t work.

In my case, using level worked, as it’s numeric.

Julien Cassignol