Global Key Command to a Deck

Hi Dave,

While there is no Hot Key to reverse a Deck at the moment, what you actually want is a way to return a piece straight to the bottom of the Deck, rather than have to muck around with Hot Keys and Reversing the Deck.

While a ‘Send to bottom’ option could be added to the Return To Deck trait, the programming for this is actually quite complicated.

However, there is a neat way to implement ‘Return to Bottom of Deck’ using a Trigger Action trait. A Deck is just a special form of a Stack and the Stack manipulation commands (arrow keys) work for counters in a Deck.

Say your Return To Deck trait is Ctrl-R. Add a Trigger Action ‘Return to Bottom of Deck’ that issues two Key Commands:

  1. Ctrl-R to return the counter to the Deck.
  2. Down-Arrow to send the counter to the bottom of the Deck.