Global Properites and a VP record track

Sorry for the noob question, but when it come to ‘global’ anything I am a true noob.
Can someone explain in plain English how to make a module recognize which side last occupied a hex on a map and apply an increase to a victory point button or counter? Please make your answers as descriptive as possible, as though you’re trying to explain to someone who can’t tie their own shoes.

Hi !
Sorry for my english but I will try to give an explanation:

First : create one global property if your victory level goes up or down depending of the location control, create 2 global properties if you have separate ladders.

Then, on the map, create an at-start stack on the victory location.
no image at the begining
trait “do not stack” with never move
and a layer with the flag of your armies, The command the set the flag will also update the global property. You can also add a trigger to move your victory marker to the appropriate location.
Don’t hesitate to look other modules for example : Empire of The Sun, Paths of Glory

Do I need a separate global property for every hex if I just want to show which side was the last to pass through that hex?

A separate Global Property (GP) per hex is the easiest solution, yes. Theoretically, you could have a single GP for each row or column, or even a single GP for the entire map, with the individual hexes separated by a unique dividing character, but then you would have to use Java String methods to extract just the portion for the particular hex you needed, and that would be much harder to code and prone to errors.

If it were my module, then this is something I would not implement because it demands that a piece must occupy a city hex (even for a moment) to get this plan to work. What I think is going to happen is there will be cases where a player will drag and drop a piece from point A to point B, going through city X but never physically stopping there, so their ownership is never registered.

I’d probably instead have players put control markers of their color in the cities, and then doing that would trigger scoring updates. I would probably have a right-click command on every unit that would drop a control marker in its current hex, so when a player dragged and dropped a unit from A to B, they would realize they needed to momentarily stop in X to right-click a control marker there.