Global Properties not being seen by other side

Other player’s pieces not “seeing” updates to a Global Properties value. This value is “watched” by a piece which changes its Layer (i.e. image) based on what is in this property. Things work fine for the player that makes the change to the value (it shows up on their board) but the other player is still showing the “old” value.

Note: This property happens to be at the game level, not the map level. I can move if this will fix it. This is in my test plan.


Let me be a bit more specific. I created a Dice Button called A1-1d6 (Action Die 1-six sided die). The piece on the map follows A1-1d6_result. This works fine for the person who hits the master roll button, which triggers a hotkey on the die on the board. This piece on the board Has a couple of triggers built in. One auto-locks the die (sets a global property to 1) on a roll of 1. The other triggers the dice button A1-1d6 IF that die is not currently locked. This at-stack counter also has a Layers property called FACES that set the face eqaul to the value of A1-1d6.

It is as if the A1-1d6_result value is NOT being synced to the remote player and thus they do no “see” changes. This is true of the lock as well that follows A1-Lock, where 0=unlocked and 1=locked.

When a door is shut, try a window. So I went looking at other modules that have dice and found Delve. This has a very simple clean approach versus my complicate approach to die. It took some effort to get my auto-lock function to work, but I have now converted all the dice in my game to the same “kind” of dice that exist in Delve. Anyone looking to create dice that sit on the board should carefully look at how this was done. I plan to post my work next week - Run, Fight or Die!