GOLF card game

I just installed this program and have yet to really try anything but I was hoping you all could point me in the right direction.

I have only done minor web design / code tweaking so I am VERY new to the programing world.

What I am trying to accomplish is make a simple but nice looking game of GOLF. It is a card game that I play with my family and gf when they around but now she is back at school so I figure if I could make this game and make it so we can play each other online it would be amazing.

first step? any tutorials for card games that I could look at the code and try to mod it for what I am trying to do?

I guess the trick here is that this game uses 2 decks of cards…

Best thing to do, is take a look at other mods that utilize or are primarily
card type mods. See how they are put together by editing them. You can then
apply the same ideas for your game.

As a starting point you can probably take a look at the Babylon 5
collectible card game mod or Twilight Struggle mod which has cards.

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Thank you. I will check those out.

This is the game I am trying to create. Our house rules are a little bit different but it is basically the same.

Any games that are pure cards? Like solitaire or anything?

Thus spake “WannaBe_80z”:

What you need is a module which has a standard deck of playing cards.
There might already be one.


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