Grid / Snap to Location on Cards/Pieces

Is it possible to install a ‘Zone’ or a Location on an item classified as a ‘Card’?

I want tokens to attach to a card (like a stack) but in 3 different locations. Is there a way to program Cards like Maps to allow that? Or could I change the Card to another format of object to allow this to happen?

Nope…zones are map-level items only. One workaround here would be to compose PNG images with a transparent background and the same pixel dimensions as your cards, then place the token image wherever it should go in that space.

Nice idea, but it doesn’t fix everything I want to use it for. Plus, some of the cards have spots at different locations I’d want to place pieces on, so that would involve hundreds of graphics for each spot down the road. Thanks for letting me know it’s not possible though.

I might just have to use action buttons for some of them to swap out a second graphic that looks like it has a token on the card, and others just place them manually during games… Is there any sort of option for having a card add a graphic to itself in a certain location that will bind to the card that it will stay in place if it rotates?

For that you’ll want to use the Layer trait. That trait could also be a way of tackling the original problem, because you can specify horizontal/vertical offsets to get the token image positioned correctly. It could take some trial and error, but wouldn’t be horrible.

After trying a couple other options, I decided to go with the clear PNG as layers over the original card, as it was the most elegantly simple solution. Thank you kindly for the help Joel!