Having layers report status change?

Ok, new problem,
Have a health tracker with 2 Seperate layers controlling a marker each.
I want to have it report the changes made but I only manage to have it report the value of the topmost layer, So even though I change the layer on the bottom, i can have it report but it takes the name from the layer on the top.

  • Red Alpha form is at: 8 Damage *
  • Red Alpha form is at: 7 Damage *
  • Red Alpha form is at: 6 Damage *
  • Red Hyper form is at: 6 Damage *
  • Red Hyper form is at: 6 Damage *
  • Red Hyper form is at: 6 Damage *
  • Red Hyper form is at: 6 Damage *

As you see the hyper form change reports the value of the Alpha form.
Even though the trigger is set by the Hyper form.

-------Ignore below problem solved--------

In the Monsterpocalypse module I’m working on, there are 3 types of dice. With the values (in symbols):
White = 000112
Blue = 001112
Red = 011112

I’ve modeled them using layers and then the random function. So there are 10 of each type dice on the playing field (for those that aren’t familiar with MonPoc these dice are used as payment for movement and actions, and rolled in combat, thats why they need to be physically present on the board).

My problem is that I would like to get a report with the total when I roll these dice.
For instance i roll 2 of the first kind and 2 of the second kind and 1 of the third kind.
Would it be possible for lackey to report the result.
‘5 Hits’

If this isn’t possible is there another way of simulating the dice?


Any chance of posting the solution to the reporting layer change? I am having a similar problem, in that when a player flips a counter (ie changes layers) I want to report that the old value (first layer) has changed to the second value (second layer)


Hi, If you want to report a change in layer, you have to name each level then then key command that triggers the modification can also be used to report the action and you can use $NameOfYourlayer_Name$ to write the correct message.

For example, I have a loss layer named “Status” on my unit that follows the expression “Status”. To report the change, my counter has a “report action” trait with the following message:
$PlayerSide$ changes $Side$ clan $Clan$ unit $Unit$ to $Status_Name$
In Vassal, here is the result : Imagawa changes Imagawa clan A unit 1 to Shaken

If you want to report the old value, it’s possible that $oldStatus_Name$ (to use Djangtchoub’s example of a Layer named “Status”) might work–I’m not sure if VASSAL automatically saves old values for Layer_Name changes, though. If that doesn’t work, the only solution is to use a Trigger Action which first saves the current value to a Dynamic Property, then changes the value, then reports.