Help - Card deck creation

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a deck of cards that can be shuffled and then to place a specific card at a particular point in the deck for example 10th card down.

So at the start of a game there is a shuffled deck of cards, but the 10th card down is a specific card. I wont bore everyone as to why I want to do this.



You could set this up manually. For example, make a normal deck and put your special card aside. Define a Global Key Command that moves all but 10 cards from the first deck into a second deck, another one that moves your special card into the second deck, and a third one that moves the last 10 cards onto the second deck. (The second deck should be set to shuffle=never.) Use a Multi-Action button to fire all three Global Key Commands in sequence at once.


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Thanks Rodney I am just starting with Vassal and I will give what you suggest a try.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I think the Vassal Engine is an excellent utility and that the original concept was a work of genius, it must have taken a considerable amount of time.