[Help] how to properly align hex cluster to hex grid

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a module that uses map tiles made of a cluster of 3 hex and I’m having problems aligning the piece to the hex grid.
The tiles don’t align correctly over the grid but I’m able to align then correctly among themselves. Sinse I will be bidding the grid anyway, this is not the problem.

The problem starts when I rotate the tiles…

This is that I’m seeing: screencast.com/t/Ur1CWO6GnAj

  • on the left side the times are on their original position
  • on the right side they are rotated
  • all tiles are snapped to the grid

I already tried to play around but nothing seems to work.
I found a workaround explained in another post, but then it doesn’t work correctly because I’m also using the “no-rectangle” property and then it gets messed up when it’s rotated (it rotates correctly but gets unaligned…)

Does anyone know how to handle/sort this out correctly?

Many thanks in advance.

Vassal does not handle multi-hex pieces well because the snap location and rotation point is the physical centre of the piece, but this does not actually match up to the grid centers. The center of the pieces is actually over the hex grid intersection, not the hex center.

In the Hex Grid, try turning on the ‘Vertices are legal locations?’ option so that pieces can snap to the hex grid intersections.

ok, I found out a really easy way to do it… it’s stupid but it works perfectly (KISS right ?)

All you have to do is to name sure the image higher and height has the same “number of hex”
see this example: screencast.com/t/mtkuje5MAq

  • the tile is the cluster of yellow, green and orange.
  • the image size (the white section has 2 hex in width and 2 hex in hight
  • the pink hex is there just to show that the hight has the same number of hex as the width

On top of this, you just need to make sure you set the grid to snap to vertices and vualla!!
works like a charm :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone else