Help making module

I have all the graphics to make a module for the game Thunderstone. I’ve played alot of the dominion module and it’ll be similar. could anyone offer assitance since it will be my first module?

If you have never done a VASSAL Module, I would suggest looking at the Dominion module using the Module Editor. Don’t be worried about messing it up. Just review how it is organized and how features are presented in the Editor. You can always back out of any menu by “CANCEL” and that will ensure you make no unwanted changes. Then ultimately you can exit without saving, and that will keep you from messing up your Dominion module.

While you are reviewing an existing module you should use the Reference Guide to explain what you are looking at. Then once you have a feel for things start out adding a map and a few counter to a NEW module just to see how things work. Save this module as a “test” and then “play” the module to see how things work. I think there are a number of things you will need to understand before committing to a large module. So I suggest taking small steps.

Hope that gets you started (if that’s what you needed). If you have specific questions, keep posting here.