Help needed - Players' Hands Private not working


I can’t program my module to “mask-out” the other Player Hands tabs - it’s a 4 player card game - and when joining as P1, all the other 3 player hands are open and visible.

Also, when my fellow play tester downloaded the beta module, he couldn’t drag the cards from their deck window into his own Player Hand window.

Maybe these glitches are related ?!

Any advice appreciated


…It looks like you have things reversed. The list box at the top right should contain just those players who can access it. i.e., in your example it should be just Player4 and Solitaire. The box on the left is just where you manipulate that list.

Not sure on the second, but let’s see if that fixes the first part.

Thanks R,
Yes, I can see the logic now you’ve pointed out the obvious :slight_smile:
I’ve edited and resent to my tester friend - will wait to see how it works for him. Should be fixed I think.
Many thanks,

[attachment=0]ship_deck.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]action_deck.jpg[/attachment]Hi again,

Regret that the above edits haven’t solved the secondary problem
I start new games as Player1 - and can drag cards from ship deck window onto the map/gameboard, and action cards from Action deck window onto my Player1 Hand, and from there onto the game board

When Player 2 joins game, he cannot drag any Ship or Action cards from their respective Decks !?

I’ve checked - the Player1 Hand and Player2 Hand edit windows are identical

Could the problems be more to do with how a player JOINS the game?

Thanks again,

What happens when you start a new game, enter as Player2 (Player3, Player4) yourself, and then attempt to drag cards from the decks to the unrestricted main gameboard? Same problem for each side that your play tester is seeing?

Are there any restrictions on the cards… a Restricted Access trait, for example?

You have the two player sides written as “Player1” and “Player 2” above… probably not the problem, but double check the module’s spelling for the Definition of Player Sides, the individual player hand windows, and anything else relating to player access.