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The end of game turn stuff is taking a long time to do just that. (module world in flames). The process is started by a player clicking on the FINAL REORG red text/black background on the main toolbar. This triggers ‘triggered1’ of the eotcntr (a very small counter that is established as a start up stack on the first map from the main maps group). Trigger1 has 3 commands - A popup for user permission to run the EOT process (user selects wither Yes or No). If Yes, then the trigger ‘Run Final Reorg Phase’ is activated. See attached pics. The process takes about 32 secs. It also takes the same time if I delete every Key CMD except the last (which is a mere message to the Chat window stating that the EOT process is compete).
What is the system doing here?
Disabling each of the 13 Key Commands does not change the elapsed time by much, if at all.
I’m at my wits end trying to fathom the why.
If you want to access the module I’m tinkering with, please let me know. The links provided in the Vassal modules area do not lead to this version, although the same issue is evident with those as well. I will then upload this current version to google drive and paste a link here.


Plus a save game in the state just before the Final Reorg button is clicked please.

Have you checked how long the ‘Setd1’ Key Command takes to process?

I did not check for setd1 time usage. Good point though. Amended trigger1 to only have setd1, eotmessend (the message that states EOT Phase Finished) and resetd1. From selecting Yes to the Set GP prompt it took 27 secs for the message to appear.
Brent, you wily chap, you seem to have nailed it. The question is why 1 Set GP takes so long after making the selection (Yes or (default) No) to move on from there. Weird.
I tried the same thing with just 1 map, nothing else, and it took a milli fart to send the message.
Link to the module is - WiF SSW Maps and CE Units Ver 1_47.vmod - Google Drive
Link to the saved game I was using is - JF41 Imp 13 Axis weather done ver1_47.vsav - Google Drive

I have also just run the Final Reorg without stepping through the Set GP (Yes/No), just triggering the 2nd level trigger. Time elapsed remains over 30 secs.
I then looked elsewhere and undertook some further experimentation. I changed the ‘focus’ of the GKC that is used to trigger the start of the final reorg phase. I used the ‘pre-select’ section, specifically stating to use the World Maps. The whole final reorg phase now takes just over 6 secs.
While this outcome is fantastic, the ghost in the woodpile says why is it so?
gkc to trigger final reorg

From your last post, I gather that your GKC is intended to send a start-final-reorg command to a single control piece?

If so, then I guess your time saving is because that command is now going to far fewer pieces. This is important to the performance of GKCs, because processing a command through a piece takes some time and it all adds up - even if that command is not recognised by the piece. The more traits on a piece, the more time.

Sorry if I’ve not understood but if I have then try further qualifying the pre-select using a property value unique to the start-final-reorg piece.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I have been playing around with the whole final reorg process. The elapsed time is now a tad over 2 seconds. Those GKC traits really are best served by using the pre-select function. Selection of the correct single term though is paramount.
I have just discovered that when using the ‘by property’ and/or ‘by location’, they only accept one map, property, etc. Using a property called Type and entering “air||cvp” as the property value will fail. the value must be one or the other.

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It’s true that you can only pre-select one unique map, zone, deck or location. However, you can use RegEx for Property values. Your example is incorrect syntax for a RegEx… it should read “air|cvp”. If that doesn’t work, try putting round brackets around the expression.


It would sometimes be useful to be able to Pre-select multiple locations using a RegEx but it can be done using the additional expression field, of course.

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That does work better. Many thanks. I had used 2 traits for the purpose, but using 1 is way better.

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