Help please. Very stuck

Hi, I’m trying to build my first module and I am having lots of trouble. I went through the gmt youtube videos, but I’m very stuck and frustrated.

Would anybody be able to tutor or build it for me? I could compensate for time spent.

Thanks Awaxy

What’s the issue? I will see what I can do, I have built about 15 or so modules so far.

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I’m working on a game with a hex grid that starts blank and is explored by the players. I have a Deck of tiles that I want to draw from to explore. The map is fairly large and I don’t want players to have to drag and drop every tile. Is there a way to give my exploring units a global property to fetch a tile to their current location?

Also is there a good tutorial about how to write functions in vassal, I dont have coding experiance and I could use the Eil5 version.

Send me the module and i will put the solution

That would be amazing, what’s your email?

You have a private message

I sent an email. The file is over 20mb so its a drive link