HELP: properties and variables

'evening everyone.
I am awake since 20 hours, tomorrow at six I will wake up again… few hours of sleep and a loooong day in the office awaits me.
Still I can’t sleep before I find a solution or a possilbe-solution to this.

If you know the feeling pls help.

I want to have an in game piece with a label on it that shows a property specified in the properties sheet (editable by the player during game).
(Ex: the property is just a name).

The only way I can do that is:

  1. Label text : $NAME$
  2. Property name: $NAME$ (in the property sheet)
  3. Marker - NAME1

That sounds strange to me, but when I remove the Marker (i.e. I use just 1) and 2) ) the label is not updated anymore.
Then I wonder how those variables and property sheet work, and wich is the correct way to use them.

I am sure there is something silly that I didn’t notice… but I need sleep.
Thanks for help

As of v3.0, you should get rid of #2 and use a Dynamic Property for #3. Then players can change the property value, though they must use a different keystroke/menu-item for each property.

In v3.1, you will be able to use Property name: NAME instead of the dynamic property, meaning that players will be able to edit many different properties at once from within the property sheet dialog and have the new values reflected in the Label.


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Thank you very much;)

Yeah, dynamic property is the way I am now following, but I think I will now leave the properties ( for the moment) and switch on some graphic editor, in order to have everything ready when the 3.1 will be ready.

By your answer I guess it’s also not possible to use property-sheet values to modify a dice result… right?

In the property sheet I have the value: ATTACK: XX

I would like to create a special dice that shows directly on the log the result of the dice + ATTACK.

It should be (3.0):
Dice + $dynamic property$

and in 3.1 it will be:
Dice + $NAME$

Can’t wait for the 3.1 :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the help


What you can do is use a Set Global Property trait on the game piece to set a global property (say, ‘modifier’) to the piece’s property (i.e. $NAME$) Then your Dice Button can use the $modifier$ property in its report. It won’t affect the numerical result of the die roll per se, but it will get reported.


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