Help with Layers


I’ll cut to the chase, I am trying to make a prototype definition that will allow me to change model bases from one colour to another. I know this can be done I have seen it and I have looked at some other mods.

I’m pretty sure I understand the concept, make the base layer a lower layer than the unit layer. whatever I do does not put the unit image on top. The best I have been able to see was the facing indicator which is a separate layer in the units traits.

what am I doing wrong?

Define a Layer trait and call it ‘Model Base’.

Make sure you pick ‘Always Active’ and ‘Loop Through Levels’

For the Increase command, re-name it to something like ‘Change Base Color’ and define the keystroke for it. Blank out the Activate and Decrease commands.

Now add a level for each color graphic (red, blue, green) to represent the base color changes.

What this should do is add a command to the piece that will allow you to loop through the defined colors.

BTW, the pieces in the Starship Troopers 2.0 module is set up along these lines.

Firstly thanks for the very quick response. Your suggestion is what I have done, the problem however is that the basic properties image is superceded by the “Base Layer” in effect I see the base layer and nothing else. Playing around with the position of the traits does not fix the problem.

Do I net to set the piece image differently than through basic properties?

You actually don’t need to set a base image at all. The layer trait will stand in for it.

Alternatively, you can specify a base image. However, in the layer trait, deselect Always Active, and leave the color of the base image out of the layer trait. Then the piece will start with the base image, and the layer will supersede it.

I am having the problem with the Basic Piece Property trait. The image that is set there can not be viewed when I add a prototype Layer “Base”.

Sounds like the images may not be set up right. If you want to post what you’ve got, we can take a look at it.

How do I post what I have?

So I have figured out the layers, one big problem down, but the next big problem has popped its head up.

The mouse over display. I did figure out a way to show the model name, but the problem was at the same time it was also showing terrain. I clicked draw model.

I only want the text. So I’ve tried to copy as much as I can from some other mods but I just cant get the mouse over to display. Is there a simple order I should be following.

Set Layer model as top.
ensure my “models” have the prototype marker - Layer = Model

that is what i have tried anyway…