Help with rotating layer, please.


I am having problems creating a counter. I have a Definition in Game Piece Prototypes for a layer. Inside this Definition I have the actual layer. It is properly set up with its image and keyboard shortcut. In the counter definition I have the layer definition properly set up as a prototype. It works ok, the layer shows up over the counter when I activate it.

The problem I am having is that if I rotate the counter, the layer does not rotate with it. How do you make the layer roate with the counter?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(to illustrate the problem better, the specific counter I am making is for a starship. I want a layer to come up over the starship counter showing a red axis for the firing arcs. The layer comes up fine. But if I rotate the starship counter…say, 45 degrees… the firing arc layer stays in the orginal position while the starship counter underneath rotates.)

Oh, forget about it! I found out my mistake. I need to put the traits above the rotate trait for them to rotate with the counter… duh!

Thanks Anyway.