Hex Grid Lettering isn't Cooperating

My map is numbered
A1 top left continuing down to X1
And from left to right the rows number 1 to 28

Problem 1:
Rows B and D are indented
Now I know this is effected by the Odd Numbered Rows Numbered Higher Box (but checking this box doesn’t make a difference).

Problem 2:
The Rows are Improperly Lettered. Row A begins as Row C
I cannot input a Letter into the Grid Numbering System, and inputting numbers doesn’t change the lettering order At All!

I’m using 3.5.8.

Any ideas gents?

Can we see a minimal example?

Howdy See attached clip from the map. I managed to clean up the first two rows. They’re no longer random letters, numbers, and machine language symbols. However I am still unable to get the lettering to cooperate.

May we see your module?

Howdy Joel,

This is a playtest module so it’s not sophisticated. I loaded it to DropBox. You can download it here:

Take Care,

I think it will work if you try this :

best regards


oups, I forgot to uncheck Odd-numbered rows numbered Higher. but the readers will have corrected themselves :slight_smile:


Confirmed. I got what I understood to be the desired result with these settings but UNTICKING the box at the bottom.

Thanks Gentlemen, that worked and I’ve forwarded the test module to the developer.

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