Hex grid struggle


I’m struggling mightily trying add a hex grid to some maps. I’ve searched the internet, watched the YouTube vids but still can’t seem to grok it.

I’ve added to shots as illustration. Both from the same map at the same horizontal position.
on the left side of the map it is ok but on the right it is crazy.

ok grid
AFU grid

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

You have the hexes in your grid set slightly too large.

Thanks, I will try to resize some more.

Did you see the suggestions here:

Creating Modules - Vassal?

Looks like you have the width across the flat sides correct, now need to adjust the other dimension. Note that the hexes are displayed with an origin in the upper left corner, so the top left of the map can look ok, you need to check the right hand and bottom edges to see the accumulated errors from being slightly out in your sizes.

Thanks guys I appreciate your patience.

I think I’ve got it sorted now, indeed it seemed like a slight error in size was propagating across the map.

A Victory Awaits is moving forward now! :wink:

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Sometimes large maps seem to have scanning errors especially if you start from a physical map that’s been folded and/or can’t get it professionally scanned.

I’ve found in such cases that rather than trying hit and miss with different settings for the grid size, its much easier to start with something close and then click Show Grid and choose a color like red and then click on Edit Grid and then use the Ctrl and arrow keys (or even Ctrl-Shft arrow keys) and watch as the grid lines up with the actual grid that was on the scanned map.

Sometimes you have to settle for “as good as it gets” as opposed to perfect.

And sometimes, it is so bad, you have to create a number of zones on the map and create separate hex grids within each zone to have any chance of getting it close right across the map.

Luckily here I was using original art from MMP. I did measure the hex (I use GIMP) to try and get the exact hex sizes but it still took a little massaging to work out.