Hex Shaped

Hello everyone, I have an issue with the non rectangular trait:

I’m trying to have a control marker on the map with the flag of the country. This is a small rectangle.
I tried the system of Empire of the Sun and found a prototype called Hex Shaped, this way you can click at the bottom of the Hex, you don’t have to click on the flag.

OK, let’s try this ! I put a prototype Hex Shaped on my counter.
I set a prototype Hex Shaped with on trait: non rectangular (like EOTS)
Then, I see that in EoTS module, I have a graphism of an Hexagone in the property of non rectangular even though no image is loaded.

I try to look everywhere but didn’t see where VASSAL can find this information.
Of course, if I try to upload a blank picture, it is a square and it goes beyond the limit of the hexagone

The non-rectangular trait requires you to upload a “mask” of the picture of the (in your case) hex-shaped counter. Open the non-rectangular property and upload an image of the hexagon shape where all the parts outside the hexagon are in “transparent color”.

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Thank you ! works perfectly !

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