hex tiles question is this possible in Vassal?

I have an idea for a new game that I would like to develop in Vassal. Vassal looks very impressive and would appear to be ideal for this project, but before plunging in I would like to get some sort of confirmation from someone who knows the ropes that what I want to do is possible and practical.

I am proposing to take one of the existing modules (probably SPQR) and modify it. The details are a bit vague but the following will be required:

  1. The ability to place hexagonal terrain tiles over the map to effectively change the terrain in that hex. This could potentially apply to any/every hex but typically would be 100 or less.
  2. The tiles should be capable of being rotated in 60 degree increments
  3. The tiles should cover any one single map hex completely and align with the grid
  4. The tiles should always appear under any units in the hex
  5. The tiles should not be easily moved by accident with the pieces but…
  6. The player should be able to add, remove or turn the tiles during the game when required
  7. All of the playing pieces and the map(s)might need to be replaced or amended

Yes, implement the hexes as game pieces.

Yes, use the Can Rotate trait with facings = 6

Yes, add a Hexagonal Grid to the relevant game boards. It doesn’t have to be drawn, but it will be there for alignment. However, it may be challenging to get the hexes to automatically align and not the regular pieces. I believe it can be done with some slight elbow grease if necessary.

Yes, use Game Piece Layers to ensure that the tiles are always underneath.

Yes, use the Does Not Stack trait to make the tiles only selectable by SHIFT-clicking or ALT-clicking the tiles.

What do you mean?

As for 1-6, these are all very standard requirements and are well-supported.


I think he means the tiles can change/deleted etc… as such yes with Delete, Replace With Other etc…

All the Command and Colors series modules use hex terrain tiles (Battle Cry, C&C: Ancients, C&C: Napoleonics, BattleLore, Memoir '44…), you could look at those to see how those modules do it as well.

Thanks for your quick responses

Looks like it’s worth me reading up on the 116 pages of the developer guide and checking out some of the existing modules such as the Command and Colors series.

How much of a game should be planned out before starting to build the module?