Hiding moves in a player hand

Hi, I’m trying to create a computerised version of a trading card game my friend made. I’ve managed to get a pretty decent approximation set up, and I’m now working through various “bugs”.

Our biggest problem is that all players draw from a communal deck of cards (face down) on the main board at the start of the game, and put those cards into their private player hands and unmask them. They will later deal those (unmasked) cards back out onto the main board, where they may be stolen etc.

At the moment because the cards are all not owned at the start, when we drag them into the player hands and unmask them, the unmasking and movement etc of the cards in the hands is recorded in the public log, meaning everyone can see what the other players have.

Is there a way to make cards dragged into a private player hand become hidden to other players, but unhidden once they are put on the table again?

Thanks in advance for your help. We’re really excited about playing this game!

From what I understand, you may just want to make these player hands not “visible to all players”.
You also want to remove some of the default “auto-report format” in these windows.

Hi, thanks for your response.

The player hands were already not visible, but deleting the auto-report defaults is exactly what I needed! For some reason I didn’t think you could just leave those blank … facepalm Thank you very much. :slight_smile: