Highlighting Side Switch improvements in v3.3+

The Vassal team deserve thanks for all their amazing work over the past few months. So many bugs fixed and great new features added. Thank you!

I like all the improvements but I want to give a special mention to one of them, albeit seemingly simple, a particularly useful update: the Switch Side workflow. I’ve only used in for a two-player game so far, so bear that in mind. For me, this one change hugely eases testing a module. Also, by the same token it could be a boon for solitaire players - perhaps obviating the need for “Solitaire” role in some modules. I’ve been experimenting with semi-automated side switching at turn end using the feature and it works smoothly thanks to the Side Switcher selecting the correct side by default.


We accept cake. Chocolate cake.

Hear hear! I can only join the applauding choir.

Flint1b: send me an adress and I’ll see what I can do. ;-)