How do a create a master trigger or hotkey?

I want to make a hot key that will run 5 other hot keys. I want to press ALT-A and have it send (in this order) ALT-2, ALT-3,ALT-4,ALT-5,ALT-6,ALT-7,ALT-8. IT can be a button on the map window. What I am doing is each ALT command send a card in a “deck” to the next deck, in effect advancing a line of cards from left to right. Slot 1 is far right. Slot 2 (deck) is direct to the left of this, and so on. So, when ALT-2 is triggered, this card sitting here go to Slot1. I want a simple way to do all the hotkeys together. I have 8 card “deck” hot spots define on my table and want to shift all the card one deck to the right.

If this is in the developer guide, send me a page # and I will read it! Thought Multi-button would work, but I don’t have buttons defined - just hot-keys in the decks.

I thought that a Trigger Action - Trait on a startup counter on my board would do the trick, but nothing happens. I have tested my “move to next deck” sub actions, (SHIFT ALT 2, etc.) but the master trigger doesn’t appear to work. Here is a screen shot of the key parts…see attached file. I set the trigger to a couple of different values -ALT -A; CTRL-SHIFT-A, etc. not sure what else to try. Do I need trigger property match? I understood this was optional. Is there a sample value I can enter that is always true?

You need to setup a Global Key Command on the module level; set it to send its own hotkey, and have your Trigger Action buttons in the decks watch for the hotkey it throws. You’ll need another trait listed above the Trigger Action trait to do the actual moving - Send to Location or Return to Deck come to mind, though you’ll have to set up an expression with either of these.

How many cards are in each of these decks, out of curiosity? If it’s just one, no biggie. More than one and you’ll need to add a condition to your Trigger Action to make sure that just the top card gets moved, and I’m not certain of the syntax in that case.

Just realized how old this thread was, sorry for casting a spell of lesser thread necromancy there…

Did you ever work out the problem?

Yes, did get it working. Let me know if you want me to send you the “logic” of how I got it to work. Basically an action button sends ALT2, which activates the “SEND ALL CARDS TO ANOTHER DECK” which moves card to slot 1, then sends an ALT3 that triggers the slot 3 deck to send its cards to slot 2, etc.