How do I create a valid .vmod on a mac?

I added some custom counters to a game I am playing. What do I need to do to make a valid .vmod file? I have tried various zip programs for Mac and then renamed the .zip file to .vmod but when I try to open it in Vassal I get the following error:

“Invalid Vassal Module - The file “file name here” in not a valid Vassal module.”

I also tried the following:
I renamed the original (playable) mod file from *.vmod to *.zip
Unzipped it.
Zipped it right back up.
Renamed the *.zip to *.vmod
Tried to load it and got the same error.
I did that to make sure it wasn’t something in my editing that was messing it up.

Help is greatly appreciated!

When you unzip “MyModule.vmod” (renamed to .zip), you probably get a folder called “ Folder”, which contains a buildfile, images folder and moduledata. If you rezip that “ Folder” you will get an invalid .vmod. You need to select all the files INSIDE “ Folder”, not the root folder itself, and zip those files into a .vmod. Is that what you are doing wrong perhaps?

You are the man! Thank you very much. That did the trick.

When I chose all the files inside the main folder and used the Macs built in “compress” feature it gave me a file called “”.

I then renamed that to (gamename).vmod and it launched.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks for this q & a. 9 years later it has helped me too.

Saves a lot of time to be able to update images in place in the .vmod file.