How do I get a HOTKEY to trigger a counter?

I am trying to understand how to use a Action Button to trigger action for a specific counter. When I add the button, I have the option to send a Hotkey, and chose “CTRL R” as the action to send. I know this is being sent as I also have a die (Add Dice Button) and when I have this triggered by CTRL R, the die rolls. Great. But what I want to do, is have a counter on my map called “Rolls Remaining” to “run”. By run, I mean I want the TRIGGER command (currently set to CTRL R) to trip and it to do its thing, one of which is to set the global property of the value Rolls_Left to -1.

I am thinking that the issue is that the counter is not “SELECTED” and thus is not getting the CTRL R. If I hit CTRL R on my keyboard, nothing happens.

I know that I can get this to work by building a “ROLL” counter and putting it on the map, but I kinda was hoping to do this via the menu bar.

Instead of trying to make your “Rolls remaining” counter to run why dont you just add a Change Property directly to the Global property that fires on the CTRL R hotkey (note the Change Property function has a hotkey field) reducing it by one directly. Your “Rolls Remaining” counter should be displaying the value of the Global property only is all it needs to do

Hmmmm. Had not thought of that. Sounds like a better plan. Thanks!