How do I place a game piece when a specific card is drawn?


I’m currently designing my first module and ran into some issues early on.

I’ve created the cards I need for the game. Each card will instruct the player to get a specific game piece and this is the action i want to automate. When a card is drawn in MapWindow#1 I want to place the piece in a specific location in MapWindow#2. Some cards will activate up to six pieces.

I tried the “Place Marker” trait for the card-property in the deck:

Basic Piece
Place Marker
ProtoType Name - protEC

I was however never able to get the Basic Piece as defined in Place Marker to show. My solution here was that the Place Marker would execute a trigger to move the piece to MapWindow#2 (I’m not even sure if this is the right solution).

I wasn’t able to find a module where I could find inspiration and the only topic I found was this one;

Could someone help me out?


What you could do is set a map trigger in the map window properties under “Key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”. In this case, let’s say CTRL Z

On the cards, you would have a Trigger Action trait that would fire on a CTRL Z. When the card is placed on the map, CTRL Z will be fired.

The Trigger Action can trigger one or more Global Key Command traits on the card to send commands to the pieces you want placed.

The pieces would have Send to Location traits telling them where to go when they receive those commands.

Does that make sense?

Made perfect sense, thank you! This will really make the game flow.

Does this look like an efficient way of doing it (since this in turn means that I need 50 different key commands)?

Map#2 property “Key Command to apply to all…” is set to CTRL W

In Deck I’ve given Card#1 the following traits:

  • Basic Piece
  • Global Key Command (Keyboard Command: CTRL E. Globak Key Command CTRL R)
  • Trigger Action (KeyStroke: CTRL W, Perform these Keystrokes: CTRL E)
  • Prototype

In Counters (At Start Stack) I have one counter with the following traits:

  • Basic Piece
  • Send to Location (Keyboard Command CTRL R and properties to sned to Map2, Board and X/Y coordinated)

So far everything looks good…so, why does this need 50 different key commands?

Just me getting the wires crossed :slight_smile: