How is Map-changing done in Tour.mod?

I checked out the Tour (tour.mod) - this is an awesome demo to show features of Vassal.

Now I’m curious how the maps are changed dynamically inside the docked window within this module, as I can see this being useful. I edited the tour.mod to snoop around, but wasn’t able to see how this is done (I am not an expert). The tour.log is a binary file, so I didn’t get much info from it either.

Can anyone point me to the elements of tour.mod that make the maps change dynamically?

It’s not something you can do from within VASSAL. I had to output the logfile in human-readable format, hand-edit it and change back to binary format.


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Thanks. I kinda guessed it was wizardry. So there was no coincidence that appeared in the logfile messages. :smiley: