How to "activate" layers on unselected pieces.

I have a module that uses some “counters” as map tiles that snap to a grid and allow the board to be modified (changed) mid game. These map “counters” all have a second layer. (Think a “day” side and a “night” side, although that isn’t really the case.)

My question is if there is a way to “active” (or toggle) the second layer of all of these map counters at the same time without selecting them, essentially flipping the board from a day to night cycle or vice versa, or however else you wish to describe it.

What would be the easiest method to use?

Sorry I am new at this and a little confused.

  1. Create a Trait as you normally would to activate a layer within each Piece. Note the key command used to invoke that layer.
  2. Determine a “defining” Trait that distinguishes all those Pieces that you want to activate from the rest of the Pieces in the module (that you don’t want to activate). A Trait may already exist to suit that purpose. If not, create one like a Marker with a Property called “Layer” with a Value “Map Tile”.
  3. Create a Global Key Command (GKC) in another Piece or a Menu Button that ends the turn, advances the phase or whatever. Choose any key command you want but make sure the “Global Key Command” matches the key command you defined in step 1. Make sure the matching expression filters only the pieces that you want to activate. So for the Marker I created in step 2, the matching expression would be {Layer==“Map Tile”}.
  4. When that key command for that button/piece is pressed/triggered, the GKC will send a global command to activate all your map tiles.

Thank you so much! I am a total noob and it took me awhile of playing around to get it to work, but that certainly got me to where I needed to be. :slight_smile: