How to adjust card size other then alter it's resolution?

Is there a way to alter card(object, image) size other then to alter it’s resolution ?
(I wan’t to add a new fanmade expansion to Arkham Horror Module (and may be increase existing image quality) and I need the new monster tokens to be in better resolution to be readeable).

Good question. I have a deck that I would like to have show smaller on the board, and when the mouse-over zoom expands it, read the text on the card. When I changed the resolution to get the smaller size, the text is very fuzzy. I hope someone replies with an answer!

The way I got around this was to make the board much bigger than it actually looks on the screen then add the “Zoom Capability” to it and set the initial size to less than one. If you take a look at the module for Pandemic, or Pixel Tactics you will see what I am talking about. The cards and board are full size, but the whole view is zoomed out, then when you mouse over the piece it will “zoom in” and show the actual size.