How to : Call a Counter from a Global Key Command


I know how to use an Action Button to act on a Counter, as the Action Button can have several Hotkeys Sent.

But can I make a GKC (as it’s a button) call the Counter ?

In fact, can I make a Single Piece (from Game Piece Palette) call and act on a Counter ?

I assume with “counter” you mean a Piece?
Any piece on the board can receive key commands and send hotkeys, using traits. I often place an invisible Piece (blank PNG, does not stack, cannot be selected/cannot move) on the board as an at-start stack for the sole purpose of reacting on key commands and passing hotkeys to other pieces.
You cannot do this with a piece that is only present in a palette - it must be on the map.

I think he is talking about a piece not on the board yet due to the from game piece Palette. My money says no, but I’m a rook. You would be better off thinking about placing the piece in a deck maybe and trying to call it from there or on a force pool map. I just struggled with resetting movement/fire states on only a persons owning pieces and I used a GKC checking an assigned property of Owner to PlayerSide and a moved state of true. $Owner$=$PlayerSide$ && $Moved$=“true” in the GKC. So I would think a check for a board location could allow you to do something similar, assuming you are trying to create a unit on the fly by firing off a clone keystroke and then a move of the unit to the new board and location. Very tricky stuff I would think but doable.

But again I’m a nugget talking off the top of my head. Hoping a Yoda shows up and tells you how as it would be a neat trick!

Gotcha !

Thanks for the answers. I was looking at a wrong property. Instead of a Global Key Command as a Single Piece trait, I needed a Global Hotkey.

I was indeed talking about a Single Piece placed on the board, not inside the Palette.

I succeeded in changing the sequence. Instead of having the button act on both elements (possible with an action button and at least 2 hotkeys to send), I generated One single sequence of events :

  • A Global Key Command on the Module with a nice icon
    [-]Matching property: global=3
  • A Single Piece, to be placed on the main board, on the track
    [-]Marker trait named global, value=3
    [-]Trigger Action, Watch for this keystrokes=PlusOne ; Perform these keystrokes=PushThisUp ; MoveUp
    [-]Move fixed distance (No command Name) ; Keyboard shortcut=MoveUp
    [-]Global Hotkey, Key Command=PushThisUp / Global Hotkey=CounterUp
  • A Turn Counter, with a List matching the board track and the number of pixels mentioned on the fixed distance to move
    [-]Next Turn Hotkey=CounterUp
    [-]Report Format: $PlayerSide$ updated Counter from $oldTurn$ to $newTurn$

The sequence is :
Pressing the GKC Button on the main tool bar calls : PlusOne
Single Piece on the board track reacts to PlusOne with Trigger Action → PushThisUp ; MoveUp
MoveUp is the command that in facts moves the piece on a fixed distance.
Manual move of the piece can also be done on the board by right click on it, and using the Trigger shortcut (this way we increase the counter too).
PushThisUp is the shortcut that calls the Global Command CounterUp that acts on the Main Toolbar Counter.

I’m happy :mrgreen:

So am I – thanks for documenting your eventual solutions her, this is a great help to others.